Sync is a tool for secure file sharing and synchronizing between users or devices

Handy file synchronization tool for content sharing and copying

Files from Your computer or company devices

Cloud storage file servers

Mobile devices, clients or specific users

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As more employees work remotely in response to the spread of COVID-19, we want to help you remotely access your files. Therefore, we have enabled this functionality for all user accounts at no additional cost.

Installation and use of the program

Install " Sync" program on your computer or employee devices and enjoy the convenience of automatic file synchronization. Installation takes only a few minutes.

Create a user account
To use " Sync" tool you have to subscribe for PRO or Business account
Upgrade to PRO or Business account

Benefits & Advantages

Auto Synchronization
Elastic storage plans
Secure file storage
Easy file sharing
Mobile applications
Access anywhere

Upgrade to PRO for more storage, tools and features.
Use Business Plan to manage multiple users, teams, rights and security log.

Basic User
Basic User
Storage from 1GB to 20GB
Max upload size 5GB
Private file management
Individual Pro
from 4,08$/month
paid annually
Sync, Backup and Undelete
Storage from 250GB to 500TB
Max web file size 10GB
Other Pro features
from 8,33$/month
paid annually
Pro and Business tools
Security and action log
Web file size 30GB/Unlimited
Users, teams and projects
File upload form
File upload form
from 8,25$/month
paid annually
Integration to your website
Customizable form fields
Customizable design

It is also important to arrange automatic, independent and encrypted backups of your data:

Every year, most small businesses are faced with the loss of data, ending in disaster for business. Hardware defects or deterioration, users lose, delete or destroy the device with all the data. The most common ways of losing data:




Hardware failures

Clients and partners

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